At Rentmole, we believe that you should be rewarded for your time and efforts.
  1. If you have lived in a rental property in the past, you can create a review
  2.  Write Review
  3. To create a review, just click 'Add Review' and provide your information
  4.  Enhanced
  5. After moderation is completed, the review is published. You will earn Kin cryptocurrency for your efforts!
  6.  Redeem
To obtain a rental report and get that peace of mind, just do the 1-2-3 step:
  1. If you are moving into a property and want to understand what you are getting into, simply SEARCH for a review
  2.  Search
  3. If a review exists, click on Buy Review and you will be asked for your details
  4.  Write Review
  5. Once your purchase is successful, you will be have access to the review. That's it Simple as 1-2-3.